Possible To Upgrade Wolf BL2600 To RCM4300 Series

We have an application running on a Wolf BL2600 (Rabbit 3000) compiled with Dynamic C 9.21. We would like to port this same code over to a RabbitCore RCM4300 series that uses Dynamic C 10.23. Is this something that can done within reason? In other words, how much pain would be involved? I expect some changes in mapping (memory, I/Os, addresses, etc.) but would the core code be able to remain intact or are major rewrites more likely?

Broadly speaking, the code should run on both platforms, the main differences will be in the I/O code.
Why 10.23 though? I would recommend going with 10.72 which is the latest version.


10.23 was the Dynamic C version bundled with the development kit but if using 10.72 presents no additional issues, porting to the latest would be fine.

Thanks for your prompt response.


I would recommend going with 10.72 as 10.23 is quite an old version and a lot of things have been fixed/improved since then.