Power Source

I’m trying to make a domotic control for my home, I’m really pist to find my home cold when I back to work.

I’ve writed the software, and works well, I’d make the actuators, and work fine, I’d writen the logic of the control and works well (all from the development kit), but I’ve serius problems to make the XBee to work well with my power source (in this own power source, not from development kit Vcc), it’s the typical LM317 with optocouplers connected to 7805 network to TTL control.

I’m pretty sure that the control source have too much noise (the ON led tilt), then I put all kind of capcitors to prevent noise, but anyway, when I connecto the Vref to 3,3V net, the ADC don’t work.

If someone have an idea how to make this works well, and explainme why, I’ll be very glad.

Thanks in advance.


PD: sorry for my english, my native language is spanish.