Power Supply For Minicore RCM5600W Interface Board

Hi, I just recently purchased a Minicore RCM5600W Standard Development Kit. It should arrive here next week; the kit is in transit. I want to buy the power supply which is part number 101-1273 but when I tried to do this on store.rabbit.com and put it in my wish list, I get a message that the part is no longer available. The diagrams for the interface board that goes with the RCM5600W module indicate J6 is 2.0 mm but it doesn’t clearly say what size adapter plug is needed. Mouser only seems to have 2.1 mm barrel plug versions of its 5V 2A AC adapters.

My question is, will a 2.1mm barrel plug will fit in J6 or is this really 2.0 mm? My second question is, is the power adapter sold by Rabbit (part number 101-1274) really unavailable?

Many thanks!



Look at http://www.globtek.com/datasheets/pdfsnew/GT-41052_SERIES-15W.pdf

Power Supply model GT-41052-1305, with output 5v / 2.6A. May be useful.