RCM5600W interfacing board power supply

I have recently purchased a RCM5600W development kit and i was pleased to know if it is possible to use a 10V battery directly with the RCM5600W interfacing board (through the built in LD29150DT33 regukator)?

Thanks in advance.

Look at LD29150DT33 datasheet on page 9, there is written that allowed input voltage is VI = 4.3 to 13 V

The RCM5600W/ RCM6600W requires a regulated 3.15 V – 3.45 V DC power source to operate. Depending on the amount of current required by the application, different regulators can be used to supply this voltage.
The Interface Board has an onboard +3.3 V linear regulator. The Interface Board is protected against reverse polarity by a Shottky diode.
See the User manual located at the following link:

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