Interfacing 4-20mA Sensor to RCM5600W


I bought RCM5600W Deluxe Development Kit. I want read data from 4-20mA sensor used RCM5600W core module.

Where the documentation for 4-20mA interfacing (schematics)? I try to look at DCRABBIT_10.56 folder but did not find it.

The specifications of sensor: used 5VDC/500mA power supply, analog 4-20mA output. Sensor datasheet.

Please Advice,

The RCM5600w delux dev kit does not have any analog input capability and so cannot interface with 4-20mA signals directly.
You could look at implementing an Analog to Digital Converter on the prototype board that comes with the kit but that involves a fair bit of work. It all depends on how handy you are with a soldering iron!


Thanks for point out.