power supply of ConnectCore Wi-9C Module


I have 1 development board and 2 ConnectCore Wi-9C modules with Linux . Now I hope these two Modules can talk each other. Then I must supply the power for one of them by myself.
My question is whether it possible that I supply power to module without develop board? If it works,how to do?

Really need your help!

Thanks in advance.

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Since the Wi-9C module has a set of power specifications that need to be followed for proper operation, I would recommend as an option to build your own power supply based on the the Digi development board. Below is a link to the schematics for this board.

There is another option available to you if you are using “Power Over Ethernet” (POE). Check out pages #50-51 of the “ConnectCore 9c/Wi-9C Hardware Reference Manual” (HWR).

Page #67 of the HWR manual has the power supply requirements listed for this module.

Dig Dev Bd Schematics:

ConnectCore 9c/Wi-9C Hardware Reference: