Powering the iface board (5700) from USB-Main Adapter

When I try to power up my iface board (5700 core) from a standar MAIN to USB connector (Standar +5v Power Supply), nothing happen, the on board POWER led still off,

BUT using the same cable to my USB computer my board is working, Why ? :confused:


Did you read the documentation for your partcular board? My own interface board is for the RCM5600W and is part number 20-101-1283. The documentation for it states it can have both a USB mini-B connector plugged into it and a separate power supply. I have not done that yet, only connected it to a USB cable which is connected to my laptop.

If I read it right, you’re connecting the USB cable to a power supply instead of a USB port? Isn’t there a connector for a power supply on the board?

I know this is a silly point but did you make sure your wall wart addaptor actually works? Next, could it be a unit for an iPod? They have a funny little feature that grounds both of the data pins (apple did this to try and reduce the number of knock offs chargers for the original iPod shuffle) that might be confusing the module. I don’t have one here so I can’t test it.