PPP Down Question


Is that any python that used to detect PPP down in WR11?


Hi the easy way is to use saroscli library and talk to the WR11 at CLI with the “PPP 1 status” or “PPPstat 1”

this will tell you if the ppp is idle or if it has an IP address

def ppp_is_up(ppp_nb):
…ret = False
…mycmd = “ppp " + str(ppp_nb) + " status”
…res = writeCli(mycmd)
…if “IP Address:” in res:
…if not “IP Address:” in res:
…ret = True
…return ret

this was some code i used to check if PPP had a IP address and could pass it which instance of PPP to check if your doing dual sim fail over

The WriteCLI is used to talk to the CLI of the transport

import saroscli

def writeCli( str ):
…cli = sarcli.open()
…cli.write( str )
…res = cli.read()
…return( res )

hope that helps