ppp support

In addition to zigbee network I want to attach GSM modem to RS232 interface. I can easily configure it with AT commands, but is there any python support for ppp connection?

Do you have a ConnectPort X model as your GSM? If not, what is the hardware layout for this?

I have ConnectPort X4 and external GSM module with RS232 interface. To hava a GPRS transmission I need to set up ppp.

The ConnectPort X4 does not support creating PPP connections via external modules, with Python or otherwise.

Have you considered purchasing a ConnectPort X4 with a built-in GSM module?


I have Drop-in Networking Professional Development Kit and it would be a problem for me to purchase another ConnectPort. My task is to evaluate ZB networks as a part of a bigger system. GPRS connection is essential in this project. Maybe it is possible to modyficate python to run os.system() or other way that would enable ppp.

Ok, let’s try another way. I have Sierra Wireless MC8755V module. Will I be able to use it plugging it to internal connector? I assume it would be necessary to change ConnectoPort firmware.

I am sorry but adding cellular to the product in the field is unsupported. You’ll have to order a ConnectPort X4 with integrated cellular.


Well, I don’t think that is fair, when only because of firmware I am forced to purchase another device :confused:

Ok, but I have to be sure that I will be able to set everything up before purchasing new CP. Will it be possible and can I have any example of setting ppp gprs connection using build in GSM module and somehow tie it with python? I want to have transparent transmission GPRS <-> ZigBee.

In the case of the integrated cellular products, the management of the PPP channel is already essentially transparent. The device is configured with the account information, then the device manages the PPP connection in the background. The python code simply accesses the remote network using standard network operations, as the PPP connection is a route (and typically the default route) out of the box to the network.

To know whether an X4 (for instance) would work “out of the box” would require knowing a little bit more about how sophisticated your handling of the PPP interface needs to be. Is it as simple as making sure that the device keeps a connection to an ISP so there is a WAN link?