Prevent the single binary code used in different rcm2000.

I want to sell the binary code in a file format .bin to my customers. How can I make a binary code can only be used in single rcm2000 and can not be used by another rcm2000?

Do rcm2000 have hardware id, which can distinguish between a rcm2000 with other rcm2000 and hardware id is read only, can not be written. Thanks.

I don’t know if the RCM2000 has any unique ID in the FLASH memory - it doesn’t have an Ethernet interface so there is no MAC to store but you could try running the Samples\UserBlock\idblock_report.c program to see if there is a serial number or other unique identifier in the idblock.


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Thank you for point out.

You could store a unique number in the IDblock, have your code check that and only run on the core that has that unique number

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Thanks for advice. Storing a unique number in IDblock works if the assumptions binary files already downloaded on to rcm2000 and I sell binary with rcm2000, but when I sell only binary file without rcm2000, then the buyer can easily download single binary file to others rcm2000 with the same unique number.