Printers misbehaving in OpenServer 5

I installed an xr920 card in a new machine and have configured 3 of the ports as printers using xon/xoff flow control and cables using TX, RX, AND SG.

The problem I am having is that the printers occasionally garble the output or fail to continue to the end of file.

I have encountered this problem in the past and have always been able to resolve it by placing a line such as the following in /etc/rc.d/8/userdef :

(stty 9600 ixon ixoff -ixany ; while : ; do sleep 3600 ; done) < /dev/ttyxx &

However, this doesn’t work with the Digi driver because a message displays during multiuser startup stating that the port cannot be opened. I then tried placing the delay in the /etc/rc file but then the amchine won’t boot into multiuser mode at all. Any suggestions how to proceed?

There’s a better way of doing this.

Here’s the current string you posted:
stty 9600 ixon ixoff -ixany ; while : ; do sleep 3600 ; done) < /dev/ttyxx &

Try using the following string instead, by putting it in the /etc/rc.d/8/userdef file for each port its needed on:

ditty printer 9600 ixon ixoff -ixany /dev/ttyxx

Note that the sleep, redirect, and backgrounding portions of your previous string have been intentionally omitted, because they wouldn’t be needed when using “ditty printer”. Make sure that if you configure a printer interface file, that it doesn’t contain stty settings which would conflict or change any of the above settings.

Xr 920 card is one of the best known multiport serial I/O cards and designed for multi-user and Remote Access Service applications.