Settings for passbook printers

Hi, I connect serial passbook printers to Digi-One SP’s frequently, but sometimes printing intermittantly stops, and data must be reprinted from application to finish the job. Any settings that can be tweaked to stop this behavior? using xon,xoff flow control.

Does the printer appear to be in a buffer overflow state when the job stops?

Telnet to the Digi One SP, login as root and check the port signals:

#> display port range=1

Active OFC or IFC signals will point to a buffer over flow issue.

If there does not appear to be an overflow, more information would be helpful, such as, how print jobs are being sent (LPD, RealPort, spooler, etc…) and what operating system is sending the jobs.

There does not seem to be an oveflow. The jobs are sent via a BBX application and directed to a realport tty port. The OS is SuSe linux 10.2. The realport driver is 1.9

How frequently is this seen?

Any errors seen in /var/log/messages?

How are the print jobs being sent from the RealPort host (lpd, CUPS local, cat, etc…)?

How far is the printer located from the serial port (i.e. cable length)? Is it in an industrial environment (possible cable interference)?

intermittantly, we have the same setup with SCO servers, and don’t see this problem. It is sent by opening a port to the serial device via the BBX print command. The serial cable s are no longer than 6 ft. it is a financial environment.

Is it possibly you are running into the following?

If not, I recommend contacting Digi Technical Support directly for more indepth troubleshooting.