problem installing digiboard XEM driver in Redhat AS 3

I have downloaded the XEM digiboard driver : 40002347_B and install in Redhat AS 3 Kernel 2.4.12-15.ELsmp but when i run the installation RMPBUILD --INSTALL i am getting a error " invalid operands to binary" .

Can someone advice me how to install the drivers? I am using Digiboard XEM 16 port Part No : 50001078-01 and S/N : V13411285 with a IBM server Xseries 226 with Redhat AS release 3 ( taroon update 2 )

thank you

Did you try downloading the source (.tgz) and running make install? If it fails you may have more specific information available from the attempted compilation.

Please refer to the release notes for that driver for specific information on how to install it.

Also, typing the word “script” before attempting the install will give us some very useful output by hitting “ctrl-d” should the install fail. If it does fail and that’s the case, send us the file named “typescript” created within the directory you were in when you entered the “script” command.

Sounds as though the DISTRO flag was not used:

rpmbuild --rebuild --define DISTRO=REDHAT_AS_3 (driver).src.rpm

rpm -i /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/dgap-(ver).i386.rpm