Problem of AT command

Hello ,everyone !
Hi, my programmable xbee is XBP24BZ7UITB-003,I uploaded App32Transparent application but after some time device stopped responding to AT commands.
“+++” works, “ATCN” works, but after ATID I’ve got “~…IDi” and ATSH got “~…SH[” .I can’t get the right response with AT command ; However ,with Show Api Off there is nothing on the UART after sending command.
I’ve uploaded program once again but it didn’t helped. What can I do with problem?

Hello mantou,

It seems that you are using an old version of the Programmable XBee SDK. Find the latest one here: Download and install the Programmable XBee SDK

Also you will need to install CodeWarrior v10.2, find the download link in the same page.