Problem serial conection


I have a problem with my Digi configuration.

I placed the Digi Connect Wi-SP in a printer (serial com port) and i have configured the digi, so i can access to it via webpage.

I want to make this printer accesible to all my company, so i placed an ip in our range .The ip is

I have no problem to access with telnet too.

But i can not print in this printer over the network.

I downloaded the realport, and i have installed it, the wizard found it, and i assign the virtual com 4 to this ip

If i open a tlenet sesion to the com 4, nothing appears, no login.

I believe that the serial port configuration is not ok.

How can i do this?

Thank you

I am not sure I understand your issue, but if you are using RealPort, the serial port settings will be configured by whatever application you are using to access the virtual com 4 port.

If you are using telnet directly to the device to access the serial port (via device’s TCP port 2001), then you will have to configure the serial settings on the device through the device’s Webpage.