Problem using 2 AccelePorts in one computer

I have two AccelePort 8P boards in one computer and the second board (COM11 - COM18) works intermittently. What happens is when I try to connect to one of these ports, the computer freezes and I need to reboot. I disconnected the first board from the computer and the second boards works fine each time I try to connect.

I know someone else who had a similar problem and they just replaced the two Digi boards with one to get 16 ports. I’d rather not take this approach. Is there a way to get these two boards to work together in one computer? The computer has a 3.0 GHz Pentium 4, Intel Motherboard, and 1GIG of RAM.

Please check for any hardware resource conflicts or sharing, especially IRQ and memory.
Also, when you post a message it would be helpful to know which operating system you are using. Please check our web site for the most recent drivers and follow the installation instructions carefully.
I have not heard of an issue like this, but, if there is resource conflict, I can understand how switching from 2 8p adapters to 1 16p adapter could resolve the problem.