Problem W/Edgeport 8s

I am having problems with my Edgeport 8s.

I am using it to control serial devices in my home theater and 3 of my devices work fine and the 4th one keeps getting errors.

I recently updated the drivers to 4.40 and now I get runtime error 8020 can not read from comm device.

I was having some problems with this port before but I never got an error.


What operating system are you running?

Were you getting that runtime error before you updated the driver?

Why did you update the driver?

Sorry that informastion might be important.

I am running Windows XP Proffesional.

I always try yo keep my drivers upto date and the Windows Update said it was available so I installed it.

I was having problems with this one device before the update so I thought it may solve my problem.

I have 2.0 Hi speed USB ports on this computer and I thought that this driver would help but I think it made it worse.

I’ll send you an e-mail so we can communicate that way since I’ll need you to send me some screen captures so I can see those exact error messages. Expect an e-mail from me shortly.