problem while interfacing Xbee S6B with router

I have a communication problem with Xbee Wifi Module and the router. i am using AT command mode with given setting
TCP - enable
DHCP - enable
SSID- my router SSID (9 ASCII character which is mention in router setting)
network type-0 (IBSS joiner)
encription -1(WPA) (router has password)
baud rate -7 (115200)
destination address - router address

Is my setting correct?if no please share me the setting to connect router.

if WPA set on Xbee , how i set password of routers wifi on it?

Are you associated? The AI command will tell you if you have associated to the Router or not.

The destination IP address and port number should be the IP address of the device sending and receiving the data and not the IP address of the WIFI Router.