Xbee Wifi Modules Crashes my Router?


I recently purchased a Xbee Wifi module S6B. I am able to connect to my router; however shortly after making connection, it seems to cause my router to fail as the Xbee and every other device connected to it (desktop, laptop, tablets, phones, etc.) lose their internet connection until the router is available again. This pattern continues to repeat as long as I have power to the Xbee. Once I remove power, the router and all internet connections become stable again. Also if I reset the Xbee to its default settings (not connected to my router) and have power to it, I see no router issues. I’m using one of those cable provider all in one media gateways made by Arris.

Thanks in advance for any help,


does your router support b/g wifi networks?

try disabling encryption and any other security settings. try to get the digi and your router working with the simplest configuration. disconnect other devices. make sure your ssid and channels line up.

Yes it does. I tried disabling encryption and other security settings. It still exhibits the same behavior once my Xbee connects to the router.