XBee Wifi Connection Problem..

Hi guys, I’m new to the XBee Wifi module.
I’ve used X-CTU to setup the module the way I want it without any problems.

It connects to the access point I told it to, receives an IP address, etc… Everything works great when I have it connected to my PC via USB through the dev board that came with the xbee wifi module (I bought the wifi dev kit from Digi).

The problem is when I remove it from the dev board and place it in my circuit. It powers up fine (I have an LED coming off of the “ON” indicator), but it does not connect to the AP that I previously setup in X-CTU. Shouldn’t this happen automatically when I power it up?

When I remove it from my circuit and place it back into the dev board it connects to the AP almost instantly.

Anyone know why this is happening? Am I not doing something? Is my assumption that I just need to power it up to get it to connect incorrect?

Any help would be great.


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I’m also just a newbie with this so don’t mind me if I ask something silly.
Are you connecting manually to the hotspot with the Active Scan option or your wifi module connects automatically?
Is your Network type (AH) value set to the correct one? (Yes I know that if it was the wrong type then it shouldn’t connect using your pc, but I saw quite strange things with it so I wouldnt be that suprised).
If you are using authentication check if password and such are ok.

Otherwise I don’t know. It should connect to your AP that you specified automatically, at least it does for me.

Ah one more thing, it might not be the fastest thing to connect, so try giving it a bit of time.