XB wi-fi ad hoc network connection

I have managed to connect the XBee to a network making use of an access point, and while it works I am not totally sold on them - they continually need to be reset. Any suggestions as to why this would be? I have also found that the device suddenly changes from 3 volts to 4 volts on its own accord

However I am now trying to connect them to an adhoc network. I have the computer all set up for a one to one, and I know it works because briefly the two connected and then on their own accord disconnected and now cannot reconnect. Any suggestions?

When asking XCTU to do an active scan, maybe 1 out of 5 times it will pick up any network, the rest of the time it comes up blank. On the odd occassions it does show my network, it is unable to connect - timeout error.

I have followed the instructions as per the App note, and am still getting no where. I have restored the wifi device several times over and still nothing.