How do you connect an xbee to a wireless network?

hi all,

i am trying to configure my wireless xbees (XB2B-WFWT-001) to connect to a certain hotspot.

I entered the hotspot information on the xbee firmware using xctu but it doesn’t seem to work.

is there a specific guide for this? I found a few on the internet but often they relate to old version of xctu.

I’m using xctu on OSX and Linux.

You can use the “Active Scan” button at top of configuration parameters page of XCTU. Its kind of GUI to connect S6B Wifi module to any Access Point.

I tried to scan but i get a “Error discovering SSIDs > Connection timeout”, even though it didn’t pass long time for the scan and there are many wireless connection where i work.

I also tried to enter the data manually of my wireless connection, but the xbee doesn’t connect either.

does your module requires an external antenna? if yes, then make sure that its properly connected.

Also check “AI” parameter status on module. It will give you better insight of association status of module. Refer product manual to understand meaning of different AI values.

I updated the xbee to the 2026 firmware (before it was 2024) and now it does the scan :slight_smile:
thanks all for the answer!