XBee Wifi - Connected but will not send/receive data

I have an XBEE XB2B-WF WiFi module running firmware 2026 (I have tried every available firmware as well), and, I have successfully set it up to connect to a WiFi network using XCTU. I can ping other devices (Both internal and external) from the XBee’s AT Command set, as well as ping the XBee from machines on the same network.

The trouble I’m having is that I’ve configured the XBee in transparent mode, and it’s “C0” Serial communication port as “2616”, and configured its destination IP, port, and protocol (TCP), yet, I can’t seem to establish a data connection in either direction. I’d expect to be able to use netcat or telnet to send data to the XBee, but, it never accepts the incoming connection, timing out after 60 seconds. Additionally, when trying to send data from XCTU (Or directly via a terminal), no attempt seems to be made by the XBee to connect to the configure server - I have a basic webserver running on my local machine, and, no inbound request is ever made to it. I have tried a raw TCP socket server as well, but, no connection is made to that either.

Additionally, in case it was my local machine, I have attempted to point it towards multiple external servers (Be it Google, Sparkfun’s Data service, etc), and see the exact same behaviour - The XBee simply never seems to send the data to the server. I have tried multiple WiFi network routers as well, none of which have any firewalls or security enabled that could interfere with it. API Mode with frames exhibits the same behaviour - No response is received.

I’ve been trying for multiple days now to try and get the XBee to communicate with the world, or even to receive data from other machines, but, simply cannot understand why I’m failing. It can always ping and be pinged, but, cannot send/receive. Any assistance is appreciated.

May I suggest taking a step back and Restoring the radio to defaults and issue a Network reset. Then configure the radio in Soft AP mode and connect it to your Laptop.

Then use it in UDP mode.

With something such as Puddy, send UDP packets to port number 0xBEE. You should see the data show up on the terminal function of XCTU.