Problem with BL4S210 DAC

I’m trying to use dac0 on the 0 -10 volt range and I’m getting really strange results. I’ve checked all jumpers at least ten times and they are correct. I also am initializing the dac with anaOutConfig set for unipolar out, asyncronus. I first tried using the anaOut function with an input of 0 - 4095. The output is inverted. After looking at the schematic that seems normal. Or is it? By my calculations the output of U18A is 10 Volts when the dac output is 0.1287 volts and U18A’s output is at zero volts when the dac is at 2.391 volts. What’s going on here? The output using anaOutVolts isn’t much different. It’s still inverted. I know I must be doing something wrong but how can the output vary from 0 - 10 volts when the input should vary from 0 - 2.5 volts through an inverting op-amp?


I solved my own problem. The board isn’t calibrated from the factory. It must be calibrated before use. Both the DAC and ADC.