Problem with Raven and NetOS 7.4 ESP

I have a debug setup that works with NetOS 6.x and 7.0 but not with NetOS 7.4:
ConnectMe C JTAG
2003 vintage development board
Raven Debugger on native LPT1

I have been using this same setup since 2005 with NetOS 6.x gnu-tools command line and OCDLibRemote. It works with NetOS 7.0 and ESP, even though I did not explicitly tell 7.0 ESP to look on LPT1.

On NetOS 7.4, though, ESP tries to load the software and eventually gives up with a “terminated” entry in the Debug tab. The Host light on the Raven never comes on.

The console error messages are:

mi_cmd_stack_list_frames: No stack.
Undefined command: “resetToDefaults”. Try “help”.
mi_cmd_stack_list_frames: No stack.

I guess I’m having trouble because I’m using new software with old hardware. Can someone tell me how to tell NetOS 7.4 ESP where my Raven is?


For the record,

In NetOS 7.x, the debugger configuration files are in c:\NetOS7x\debugger_files.

The Raven is still (relative to 6.0x command line) controlled by gdbconnectme.raven, and the connection is still made through localhost:8888 on the PC.

There is a one-line difference in gdbconnectme.raven between NetOS 7.0 and 7.4. I changed it back but am not sure what impact it had.

I let ESP package manager upgrade itself to NetOS 7.4.1.

After both the above changes I can now get a good debug session if I start OcdLibRemote from a shortcut. It was not necessary to do that in NetOS 7.0 and I am now asking tech support to explain that if they would be so kind.