Problem with RS232 communication

I’m trying to comunicate my XBIB-R kit with a PICDEM 2 Plus board but it doesn’t work… What have I done so far:

1st Test (succeded!) - Comunication XBee/PC - PC/XBee
2nd Test (succeded!) - Comunication PIC/PC - PC/PIC
3rd Test (failles!) - Comunication PIC/XBee - XBee/PIC

1st Test (succeded!) - Change the firmware of the XBee chip using the X-CTU program:

Go to the terminal, enter '+++' and wait for the 'OK'
Enter 'ATD0 2' to change the AD0/DIO0 to the state 2 (ADC)
Check if the state of AD0/DIO0 has changed

2nd Test (succeded!) - Send a message by the RS232 port with the PICDEM 2 Plus kit:

Test program	

#include <18F452.h>

#fuses XT, NOWDT, NOPROTECT, NOLVP, NOBROWNOUT         							 
#use delay (clock=4M)                                  							 
#use rs232 (baud=9600, xmit=PIN_C6, rcv=PIN_C7, BITS=8, PARITY=N, STOP=1)        

void main() {


printf("ATD0 0



The message can be succesfully seen with the SIOW program that cames with the PICDEM 2 Plus kit.

3rd Test (failled!) - Change the firmware of the XBee chip using the PICDEM 2 Plus kit RS232 output.

Making of a male/male RS232 cable, as long as both kits have female RS232 plugs:
	PIN 2 &lt;-&gt; PIN 3
	PIN 3 &lt;-&gt; PIN 2
	PIN 4 &lt;-&gt; PIN 4
	PIN 5 &lt;-&gt; PIN 5 = GND
	PIN 7 &lt;-&gt; PIN 7
	PIN 8 &lt;-&gt; PIN 8

Test of the communication PIC/XBee with the same program. -&gt; Doesn't work!!

I know that’s not the good way to communicate both devices, but for me it should be the simplest way because the first two tests were already been made… Now I’m really curious to know why it doesn’t works! Could you please give me some help on that?

Thanks a lot,


P.s. - In page 7 of the XBee manual there’s “Minimum connections for updating firmware: VCC, GND, DIN, DOUT, RTS & DTR”, but in page 9 they use the CTS but don’t use the DTR… As can be seen before, I made both connections, but I don’t know if it’s right.