problems to upgade the firmware Xbee RS-232 adapter


I´m a hardware engineer and I’m doing a project with ZigBee. I`m using one connect port X4 (Xbee serie 2), one Xbee digital I/O adapter (Xbee serie 2) and one Xbee RS-232 adapter (Xbee serie 2).

I have RS-232 adapter with firmware version 0x1220 and I try to upgrade to the lastest version (0x1247) using XCTU program and the board of the RS-232 adapter, without using the RS-232 Development Board. When the process starts, was a mistake to witre on flash memory, and now the Xbee module does not work. The Assc LED who indicates ther adapter’s network association is off (no solid green or blinking green) but the LED power is active. Before the problem using XCTU I can comunicate my PC with the RS-232 adapter, but now I can’t.

What can I do??


I believe you’ll need to recover this radio by loading new firmware on it via X-BIB board.

I understand you’re trying to avoid using the dev board, but in this situation I believe that will be the only way to recover, short of sending it in to the repair dept. where someone will do that for you.

Thanks very much,
I’ll try to recover it, if I can’t, I send it to my distributor.