hi im using xbee series 2 modems 2 in number to form a network ,im trying to update the frimware on one modem as coordinator AT but its not getting updated and it is showing as unable to communicate with the modem
pls help me…

Do you have any idea what firmware was loaded on the XBee before attempting your upgrade? What sort of error are you getting when attempting to update the firmware? What are your settings on the PC Settings tab in XCTU? Also, are you trying to update your XBee with it mounted on the XBIB Dev Board you attached a picture of, or are you trying to update the XBee with it mounted in an RS232/USB adapter?

1.the frim by default loaded was zibee router /end decice AT,i got this when i pressed modem config tab
2.the error iam getting is
modem type :ok
communication with the modem…lost
unable to perform the write parameters
…this is what iam getting when iam trying to change the frimware to zigbee coordiantor AT.
3.MY pc settings are
4.iam trying to update the xbeee modem by placing it on devboard which is shown in the pic .

whats actually the difference between the dev board shown in the pic and rs232 adapter;i think both are same.