X-TCU xbee problem

I have a problem when I connect my xbee to x-ctu i have this message : unable to communicate with modem

I try with a nother xbee and it’s work

my first xbee it’s blocked ?

thanks for your answer

First off, I moved your post to a more appropriate forum to get your question answered.

As far as the issue itself, some of the firmware types disable the UART completely (AIO, DIO, Sensor Adapter), and some require the Enable API box to be checked. Either of the above-mentioned circumstances would produce the error you’re seeing, so what firmware was last loaded on the XBee module before you started seeing the problem?

the last firmware i had loaded is for the xb24 the version 10A2 but i have a xb24-zb version 2241

sorry for my english I’m french


I use the RS-232. My module work because when i try with another xbee I have any problems. thanks for your help I go try with the support.


I can’t load a version on my xbee becaus I can’t communicate with the modem

thanks for your help

i have the same problem but i cant understand the solutions given!! can you make it more easier please… thanks

ZB firmware can only be loaded on the radios beginning with XB24-B or XBP24-B, i.e. a radio which used 10A2 wouldn’t be able to load the 2241/ZB firmware.

Just the same, you should still be able to talk to that module. Try loading the 10C8 firmware on the radio which had used 10A2.

I am also have this kind of problem. The difference is that the Problem i have is my TWO(2) XBee are not working properly. I purchase the xbee starter kit. the modem is XB24 802.15.4 version 10CD… hope we fix this things up…
when im using the USB BOARD it can read the module but it cannot write. When i am using RS-232 board its totally unable to communicate with the modem. How can i fix this problem? thanks admin

question admin. if im using XB24 can i write a firmware such as ZB? someone told me that it is suppose to be can write… but i cannot write firmware. even in any kind of modem or function set or version. it always failed cannot communicate with the modem. but it can read. when i am using USB BOARD. hope you can help me thanks.

same thing with me… what interface you are using? RS-232 or USB? my Xbee was stuck on xb24 802.15.4 version 10CD. when i am trying to write firmware it says lost communication with the modem. we are looking forward for your reply admin. thanks.

Its difficult to know why you might be seeing these errors trying to use XCTU, or whether your module is bad.

The only thing I can suggest at this point is that you call Technical Support so the troubleshooting can be more interactive. Forums are good for getting out information and helping each other, but I think in this case talking to a Support Engineer would be the correct path to resolution of the issue.

i loaded the firmware and i worked with the module for some time but i then changed some options in modem configurations( i chose the button restore then i chose write) after i have done this… the msg ( cant connect to the module was displayed for me)!!!

Give this procedure a try: