Problem with XBee S2 Module and ATIR

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble with AT command ATIR and I suspect it’s an Series-2 compatibility issue. Instead of responding with a I/O Data Sample Rx Indicator (frame type 0x92), it responds with an AT Remote Command Response with command ATIR and indicating error 2 (invalid command). Has anyone had experience related to this issue?


Hola Esteban,

Could you post the exact frame that you are sending? I’ve done a few experiments with IR in Series 2 so I know that it works, but yes, sometimes it’s tricky.

Are you sending a local or remote AT command? Is it API firmware?


I have never seen such cases.
I have used periodic sampling with IR=60 and always got correct frame.
Check the module settings again. I think you have not set D1, D2 and D3=2(in case of wall router and sensor)