Problems in XBee3 security


I am trying to demonstrate the NW key rotation on XBee3 devices using Centralized Security model. But I am facing issues in it. I am forming secured network in which all nodes except the trust center are routers, for demonstration of above statement , I am switching OFF one node and changed the NW key which is shared across all the nodes in network except the switched OFF node. And I am setting NJ to 0 and KT to 0x3C(60 secs). So after changing the NW key I am waiting for KT seconds and then switching ON the switched OFF node and ideally this switched off node should not connect with the NW because I am using centralized security hence the registration is transient, so after KT period that device needs to be registered again for connection. But its connecting! How? it means that trust center “persists” the key table entries?

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