Unable to join a SE Trust Center

I have SE Router firmware installed on an XSTICK2 and have installed a test certificate from Certicom. When I try to join a HAN with a Trust Center I see that the initial association is formed (I receive a short address) but when the Coordinator/TC sends the network key it fails the MIC check and drops off the network.

I’ve tried setting the TC Link Key using the KY command but get the same response. I also tried setting the Install Code via the IN command with the same results. I’ve tried every possible combination of settings for KY and IN with the same failed result.

Here are the settings that I’m using:

KY=0 or TC Preconfigured Link Key
IN=0 or random value
EO=0 or 8

What should be the correct configuration to join a HAN using a preconfigured key?

Thanks in advance for any help.