Link key for XStick SE


Trying to connect XStick SE router to ConnectPort X2 acting as Coordinator.
Using Simulator/Meter as a terminal program for XStick.

When attempting to join the network I got the message:

0xAF - Secure join error - joining device does not have the right preconfigured link key

Does anybody know what is the right procedure for installing link key? Does 128bit random values could be used or it should depends on some other value, Installation Code for example(but I don’t know where to find it on XStick…)



So, the basic idea is the router and gateway both should have the same pre-shared link key. Since I havn’t find on how to install explicitly Link Key on the gateway the decision was to share install code from gateway to router/XStick.
I.e. getting Installation Code from ConnectPort gateway performing "configure_zigbee_network " RPC, after that copy-paste it into Installation code field in In-Premise Display/Meter simulator window. Since Link Key is hashed out of Install Code after that Preconfigured Link key issue will not arise.
P.S. Attention should be paid to Test cetificates installation. It is individual for every Xbee module and tied to Serial Number.