Problems with Webserver X4 when running a python script


we uses a connectport x4 gateway to communicate to our zigbee nodes.
We have installed only one node and run a python prog to set up commands and retrieve the information from the node.
When the script is running, we have problems to access the mesh´net information on the webserver of the x4.
Failurereport is ‘Meshnet not available’.
When the python prog is running on an X2 these problem doesn’t exist.
when the programm stops the meshnet is always available.
CPU-utilisation during the run is below 20% and free memory is about 4MB.
is there a known problem, that the Webserver-applikation and a phyton prog causes problems, while running at the same time?

Hello Arndt,

There should be no problem using the Web server and the executing a Python application simultaneously.

What firmware version are you running (from the WebUI: Administration->System Information)?

If you click on Administration->System Information->Mesh Network and then click the first device, what firmware version is the module running?



Hello Jordan,

we are using the firmware version: (Version 82001536_B2 11/30/2007)


I’d recommend updating your EOS firmware to 1536_C1 then retesting. Here’s a link to the firmware page for your convenience:

Helllo Michael,

after upgrading the firmware,we couldn’t start one of our python progs.
Failurereport in the commandline is ‘Memory error’.
before upgrading the prog runs without problems.
the same problem we had with an x8 gateway but I don’t know the firmware version because it#s offline and i’m not in the office.