Programmable XBee PRO ZB or XBee S1 or S2 with Arduino

I am a new to XBee and I would like to conduct experiment on localization of wireless sensor networks. It may need
(1) determining RSS level (which is available in most of XBee module)
(2) computation of newly estimated locations based on the packet obtained from its neighbor containing its current location information
(3) broadcasting packets to its neighbors only, not to all the nodes in the network ( I found broadcasting function will broadcast the packet over the network)
Since I need several calculations and programming XBee, Iā€™m a bit confused with using Programmable XBee PRO ZB and using XBee S1 or S2 with Arduino.
Could any body give me suggestion on that issue?
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I moved your post to a better forum.

As for your question, ZB modules are S2, and XBee S1 modules are typically 802.15.4 or DigiMesh 2.4. The details of what commands and abilities each type of RF stack supports are found within the Product Manuals for each type of firmware.

This would be a handy link for doing research into those details:

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