Programmable XBee-PRO ZB SMT 32K

So I have my dev kit (XK2-Z7SB0 which contains the s2c smt units) on its way. My project consists of multiple endpoint nodes and one node that a user will turn on and request info from the endpoints with when they desire. I found the “Wake up on packet receiving” example on codewarrior/xbee SDK and have looked at the read me file but still have questions about this particular example. By using this particular example can I obtain endpoints that have great battery life since they are basically only looking periodically to see if they are being called(every 5 or 10 seconds) and not having to transmit? Also will all endpoints “wake up” if there where multiple set up using this example or can the coordinator target specific units/endpoints to wake and talk with?

A sleeping end device still needs to wake up and poll its parent for data periodically. That is the only way it know if there is data on the RF network for it.

So Yes, if you sleep for a long time and are only on for a short period, your batter life will be longer.