How to make end device always be in a wake up state


I need to know the sleep mode details at end devices side. How to set sleep mode parameters at end device side.I have Xbee S2C device modules.
If I shouldn’t send any data up to 1h or 2h. The end devices going to be a sleep mode.
Then If I send the data after 1h or 2h, the end devices cannot receives any data from coordinator.
I have faced one more issue at security configuration.If I configured KY (Encryption key) parameter 1234.
When I should removed and add it again devices. The KY parameter will be reset.
Then will have to configure KY parameter again.
What I should do to resolve these issues.

Thanks and Regards,

Amar Pulli.

The devices cannot be woken by remote messages from the coordinator, they only wake up according to their own sleep parameters or by the sleep_request pin.

The KY parameter requires a 128-bit/16-byte value, and is write only, so you will never be able to read the value after a reset.