Programming the XBee Gateway

We have a XBee x2e ZB gateway. We’re trying to program it to work with HA devices. It isn’t clear how to:
(1) Do a zcl read.
(2) Send a zdo bind command.

Is there a way to get access to the raw Zigbee radio serial port?


If you can telnet into the devices IP address, you can then do a set traces state=on Mask=xbee:*

This will then allow you to see the RAW XBee traffic. You should then be able to use the XBee commands to issue raw HEX API data to the radio.

It should be noted that creating binding tables is not an easy thing to do. You really need to have open both the XBee product manual along with the Zigbee standard you are working with. This way you will understand which way the data has to be entered into the ZDO TX request packet.

Where does the RAW XBee data traffic get outputted on the XBee Gateway?

To be clear, we are using the x2e ZB gateway.

The RAW data can only be accessed via the telnet session your created or within the gateway if you access these commands via your Python script.

The x2e ZB gateway doesn’t appear to support telnet (at least not by default). Are we missing something?