Programming Xbee using Only FTDI Cable ie. without Xbee adapter

Dear forum members…

I want to program my xbee using ony ftdi cable.
One end of cable is connected to computer and other end of cable directly connected to xbee without using xbee adapter.

If possible please tell pin connections.

Thankyou in advance…

What FTDI cable do you have? (3.3V vs 5V? how many pins does it provide?)

I have 3.3v cable.Here is the link :

I have 3.3v cable.Here is the link :
Here is the link to datasheet:

To program the firmware on an XBee the six pins of the FTDI cable should be connected as follows:
1 (Black) - pin 10 ground
2 (Brown) - pin 12 cts
3 (Red) - This is 5V VCC even on the 3.3V cable. If you want to power the module from this cable you will need to adapt this power level down to 3.3V. (VCC will go to pin 1 but be careful to have the correct voltage.)
4 (Orange) - pin 3 tx to din
5 (Yellow) - pin 2 rx to dout
6 (Green) - pin 16 rts


Thank you jeremy …
I tried your idea and it worked out for me…
I supplied 3.3v supply and ground using my arduino board.