Project Options Oddity (Stop Bits)

…using Dynamic C 9.62…
Menu Options.Project Options.Communications…
Debug Baud Rate = 9600
Max Download Baud Rate = 57600
Stop Bits = 2
Menu File.Project.Save … Now, looking at the DCP file, I see:

bios baud=9600
Max Negotiated Baud=57600
stop bits=2

Menu Options.Project Options.Communications , again…
Debug Baud Rate = 4800
Max Download Baud Rate = 115200
Stop Bits = 1
Menu File.Project.Save … Now, looking at the DCP file, I see, now:

bios baud=4800
Max Negotiated Baud=115200
stop bits=0

So, Debug Baud Rate sets bios baud while Max Download Baud Rate sets Max Negotiated Baud.
OK, that’s fine … but what went wrong with Stop Bits / stop bits?

Also, is there any GUI means to set coldload baud and/or pilot baud?

Hi, I checked with software:
One of the reasons why we do not generally recommend manually editing Dynamic C’s project files is because there is not a guaranteed 1:1 correspondence between a project’s GUI representation vs. its project file text representation. It may be that the value stored is a bit-wise code for 2 vs. 1 stop bits, and the 2 just coincidentally is the same value in both cases.
Please verify correct serial operation with both 1 vs. 2 stop bits. If actual serial operation is correct then there is no bug .
If there is an actual serial (stop bits) operation issue then please provide information on method used to verify incorrect serial operation and reassign this bug report back to me.