Purchase advice to create simple ZigBee/XBee project

Hello forum,

first of all thanks for any help.

I want to create a ZigBee Network including two XBee Modules A and B.
Module A (Role: End device) gets input from a blood pressure sensor and transmits it to Module B (Roles: Coordinator, Router, trust center) which is then connected to a raspberry where the data will be worked with.

Im looking for advice on what digi products to buy to make this project.
I was looking at this for a beginning: https://www.digi.com/products/models/xk3-z8s-wzm


  1. Would the “Digi XBee Grove Development Board” that is contained in the above kit be an alternative to an arduino?
  2. Will both modules be configured using the XCTU Program?
  3. Will the Sensor be plugged into the “Digi XBee Grove Development Board”?.

I apologize for my limited knowledge (im trying to learn as fast as possible about ZigBee and XBee)

Thanks for any help

I think the choice of kit is ideal for your project based on what I have read here.
To answer your questions:

  1. The development boards themselves do not contain a host processor beyond the attached Zigbee device. That being said, The XBee3 Zigbee devices have MicroPython on-board and can run a program (collecting samples and processing them) and operate as an RF radio.
  2. Those devices would be configured using XCTU.
  3. The sensor would be plugged into the Grove board using one of the connectors on the edge of the board.