Purpose of the common.jar file

Can someone please explain to me what common.jar file is doing?

Why is it included in the latest firmware download from our WEB?

Also, the applet space is not enough for adding this common.jar(I need to delete the config.jar in order to put in the common.jar in the applet space).

Thank you

The config.jar file, included with the previous version of the Connect ME firmware, is no longer utilized with the latest release of the Customization (formally known as the Integration) kit.

All files in the file system should be deleted prior to updating to the latest release. Failure to do so will result in the lack of space, which you have just experienced.

That file has now been replaced by three separate files:

–> configapp.jar - Containing our product configuration
and administration applet.
- This file can be replaced by the
customer during their product
–> common.jar - Containing Digi’s complete Java API
library for the Connect product
- This file must be included whether or
not product customization is done.
–> config.ini - Contains customized configuration
parameter information used during
- This file is not necessary unless
customization is desired. It does no
harm by including it in either case.