Memory issues with the Digi Connect ME web interface

Hi there,

I’m very new to connect ME, and I have a very basic problem.
I’m trying to upload a Java Applet to a Digi Connect ME module throught the default html interface. The problem is that the JAR file is pretty large (1.3MB) , and the upload stops after a while with the following error message : Unable to upload file: out of disk space (Code: -5)

However, the only other file that I have uploaded is a small html document (211 bytes) and the System Information page reads that there are 2769 KB of free memory.

I have tried after rebooting the module, after upgrading the firmware, and on an other module but I keep getting the same error.

Does anyone know where this might come from ? Is there an obvious explanation I’m missing out ?

Thank you for your help,

Flash File system is about 256kB approx.

try this code:

unsigned int total_blocks, free_blocks, block_size, total_inodes, free_inodes;

NAFSvolume_stats("FLASH0", &total_blocks, &free_blocks, &block_size, &total_inodes, &free_inodes);
printf("tot=%d Free=%d size=%d

",total_blocks, free_blocks, block_size);