question according to user space on ME

I have a question about the user disk space on the Digi Connect ME. I thought that this would be 512kByte as I read somewhere. But now I have an applet.jar which has 460kByte because of libary needed, but not include in the standard jre. When I try to upload through web interface it breaks with a disk out of space error. What do I do wrong, or do I have less space?
And just another question, when I upload files with the terminal tool dgdcprog, where are the files hosted?



While the overall size of the Connect ME’s flash file system is 512KB, the actual usable space is just over 400KB.

Uploading files via the web interface’s File Management page and the Connect Programmer are both written to the flash file system.

All other Connect devices, i.e. Connect Wi-ME, EM, Wi-EM, etc. all have twice the flash space, so the overall size of the file system is 1MB, leaving about 800KB available for user file storage.


thanks for your quick reply.