Putting Applications on ConnectME Integration Board

This seems like a silly question, but I’ve written and tested a web application (similar to nahttp_pd) on the ConnectME with JTAG, but there I don’t see a way to load it on the regular ConnectME (w/o JTAG). I would think that it would be by “upgrading the firmware” with image.bin file, but the Integration Guide strictly says that this is only for Netsilicon updates. How do I do load apps I’ve written? (and why are there no instructions anywhere on HOW to do this?)

You’re quite right that this is very poorly documented - there are a few clues in the forums on the digi web site. It’s also worth making sure you’ve got the latest version of the manuals - I wasted a lot of time until I did this. To upgrade the firmware you point your browser at a page called something like ip-address/admin/administrator.htm (that IS in the manual!) and select the appropriate options. Sounds like the page you’ve already found. The catch is that the header on the application also has to be right, and this isn’t explicitly documented. If you are using GNU tools the makefile should get it right; if you are using Greenhills its an exercise in detective work (but sort of possible - I’ve done it). I think there’s another catch - once you’ve uploaded an application of your own, there doesn’t appear to be a way to force a further update. So if your application doesn’t support flash update… Steve p.s. If all you want is a web server type thing, I think you can just replace the standard web pages stored in the ME’s file system.

I know this is an old post, but I had trouble with this too, and had to reverse some information by looking at source code. What I learned is: FLASH maps out kind of like this: Memory Top NonVolatile Memory Flash File System (if compiled into application) User Application (includes BSP) ----- Boot Loader Memory Bottom Your application is compiled to image.elf (JTAG/gdb image) and image.bin (Flash image). Image.bin goes in the Flash region labeled above as “User Application”. The only way to overwrite Flash is to include a RAM based server in your app that overwrites Flash for you. That server can be FTP or HTTP. The Digi ConnectMe Standard firmware has an HTTP update that I have not been able to make work, and an undocumented back door protocol. I have written more on this topic at: http://DigiConnectMeNotes.blogspot.com/2004/09/how-stuff-is-arranged-in-flash.html and at: http://DigiConnectMeNotes.blogspot.com www.GlueLogix.com