Python script to reboot digi every 24 hours for Digi connect wan family?


I am looking for a python script that will reboot the digi connect wan family devices every 24 hours. can anyone help me with this


The question is why do you want to reboot your device every 24 hour?

If the problem is that your device loses internet connection or something like that, you should configure your Digi Surelink settings properly.


No, this is a serial port issue. the end device seems to lock up and a reboot of the digi clears up the issue with the serial port. The customer does not want to spend $5k for a new unit so they would prefer to reboot the digi every 24 hours to see if that lessens the serial port locking up.


If the device is connected to iDigi you can schedule a daily reboot there.


I also require the functionality to reboot DIGI WR11 every 24hours at 2:00am for the purpose of network reporting. I can’t seem to find the answer to this question above or anywhere else on this forum. I can see this has not been answered in 4 years but I’m hoping there is still someone here who can help? Thanks in advance.