rabbit 4300 tcp/ip sample code not working

hi all,
i m novice to this rabbit world still i have worked on some sample codes. but I m facing problem with sample code in TCP/IP on RCM 4300 target board with Dynamic C10 version.
in the sample code itself, they have declared as

  1. " if CPU_ID_MASK(CPU_ID) >= R4000 "

  2. fatal “This sample is not currently supported by Rabbit 4000 based products.”

so does it implies that tcp/ip will not work for processor id > 4000?
please help me. thank you !!!

Which sample program and which version of DC are you talking about?

I did a quick search through the samples with DC 10.66 and the only programs with that check in were all to do with LCD displays which are probably not present on any of the R4000/R5000/R6000 dev boards.


@petermcs:- \RABBITSYS\DCRABBIT_10.64\Samples\LCD_Keypad\122x32_1x7\TCPIP… i can also attach code if u need. its DC 10.64. please check this code. thank you.

hello guys
i want to connect the 122*32 lcd to rabbit 4000
how can i connect?
can ne1 guide me?

The examples in that directory are only for use with LCD displays.
The readme.c file explains what you need to do if you have a custom LCD attached to your hardware.


thanks peter. BTW can u tell what
1)" if CPU_ID_MASK(CPU_ID) >= R4000 "

  1. fatal “This sample is not currently supported by Rabbit 4000 based products.”
    implies? it will be a gr8 help for me.
    thank u…!!! :smiley:

It’s just a quick test to see if you are trying to compile this code for a rabbit 4000, rabbit 5000 or rabbit 6000 target system. It is used in this case to stop you compiling the code for a system which does not have any LCD support by default.


hey peter, 1 last question
if i use LCD 122X32 and keypad 1x7 and if i execute this sample, will it run successfully on 4300 rabbit?
and which port should i use to connect my LCD with rabbit 4300?
again thank u very much :smiley:

You would need to look at the circuit for one of the RABBIt 3000 products that does have a keypad and LCD to see what way to connect the hardware up. You would then need to ensure the libs can talk to the hardware and remove the CPU check to allow them to run.

I’m not sure how much work would be involved in all this.


1 Que ?
Can i Connect My LCD with my CPU vai. Wireless Connection??

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