Modbus sample software

A few questions regarding sample programs

  1. Is there a TCP slave sample program

  2. Is there another board customization file (specifically with one of the non BL boards to see how to make the changes (for an RCM4200)



I am trying to get the Modbus TCP module to work with one of the older core modules (RCM3365). So far it looks like the TCP module isn’t compatible with any compiler past V9.52. That probably means that it can’t be used with any of the Rabbit4000 processors since they need the new 10.XX compilers.


I got this to work, and I used a TCP sniffer to get the job done to see what was being sent a received between labview and the modbus slave.

I had a commercial modbus device that I used as the control, and the rabbit was tested to see where the differences lay.

All is working, the onoly thing I did not implement is floating point write registers (as I did not need them), but floating point read registers works ok.

I would have been nice to get a reply to the original request from rabbit, and not have to figure out everfything the long way.

I agree. ZWorld should hire a few people to do nothing but answer questions on this forum.