Rabbit performance with Dynamic C?

I wonder about the performance of the Rabbit when using Dynamic C.

Has anyone compiled and run some benchmarks (e.g. Whetstone, Dhrystone, Coremark, stdcbench), and recorded code size and score?

I’m most interested in the Rabbit 3000A. But results for other Rabbits would also be interesting to know.

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I am also interested in these performance results. We are waiting for your answers.

Digi hasn’t released any benchmarks for the products. Customers are welcome to port existing benchmarks to Dynamic C to compare to other platforms.

Note that Dynamic C 9 is far from ANSI C compliant, and benchmark code may require significant changes to compile (for example, it doesn’t support initializers in variable declarations). Dynamic C 10 included many compiler and Standard C Library changes to better support ANSI C code, and may be a better starting point for porting benchmarks.