Why does Digi not mention sdcc as an alternative to Dynamic C

Generally, hardware providers are eager to point out support for their devices in third-party compilers, and, in particular, in free compilers. Support in the free gcc compiler is a major aspect of the success of ARM and AVR.

Digi seems to be phasing out support for the older Rabbit 2000/3000 and 3000A devices in their Dynamic C compiler. These devices have been supported in sdcc since the 3.1.0 release 2011, and sdcc has better standard compliance and optimizations compared to Dynamic C.

Maxim, Axsem and Infineon prominently mention that their devices are supported by sdcc in their websites and documentation. Digi, on the other hand seems to pretend that Dynamic C is the only option for their hardware. Why?

Philipp, who was involved in writing the Rabbit backends in sdcc


Interesting question. I would be all over that if SDCC supported debugging on the Rabbit 5xxx and 6xxx. I’m so frustrated with the error message “While Debugging: Timeout while waiting for response from target.”

If anyone is wondering, the link is: http://sdcc.sourceforge.net/

Digi probably doesn’t mention it because it has not being properly tested by their team and they do not support it.
Is up to Project management to make decisions on what products to mention to customers as alternatives.

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